And why everyone objects to it so much.

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NO1TOPICS: THE issue of the Irish border has become one of the critical parts of the Brexit negotiations – with the EU and the UK at odds over how to handle the complex subject.

Brussels has made it clear it will not accept custom checks on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, while Theresa May has ruled out cutting off the north from the rest of the UK. Currently, the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic is open with no checks on goods or people. Ireland and the UK are in a "common travel area" of passport-free movement. And as they are both in the EU single market, there is no restriction on goods and no tariffs.
Leaders in London, Belfast, Dublin and Brussels are keen to avoid a "hard border" after Brexit — when the UK has vowed to leave the single market and customs union.
This would mean border checks being reintroduced to monitor movement between jurisdictions operating under the two different regulatory systems – Hope this clarifies everything for you – British Bird Advice

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someone has to pay for it… one could ask who?.. is the border there to protect the EU from Britain or Britain from the EU?
Jas B:
A hard border in Northern Ireland after Brexit would affect more than 7,300 companies that export to the Irish Republic, or roughly 15 per cent of the businesses in the region.

It would also have an impact on “some 177,000 lorries and some 250,000 vans that cross the border for trade every month”,

A frictionless border is particularly important for Northern Ireland’s small and micro companies, he added, with more than nine out of 10 of the businesses trading with the Irish Republic having fewer than 50 employees.

When you cross the border today, apart from a sign there are no restrictions stopping the very many people from the Republic, who cross the border regularly to buy goods which are cheaper in the North. This is everything from food, medicines to machinery.

In 2017, cross-border shoppers spent €418 million (or £373 million) in Northern Ireland, which is approximately seven percent of Northern Ireland’s Gross Value Added in retail and wholesale trade.

If no deal or a hard border agreement is reached, shoppers trying to cross the border might immediately face customs checks or be refused entry. The inconvenience of delays and additional charges might discourage cross-border shopping.

The impact on the Northern economy would be severe and lets not forget 56% of the Northern Irish people voted to remain in Europe and it will increase the possibility of Northern Ireland leaving the UK.

As has happened in Scotland Brexit is looking like being the catalyst bringing Scots together and the next referendum will likely vote to leave the UK.

Brexit has made it far more likely that the United Kingdom will in the future only contain England and Wales.

Maggie May will do all she can to make out she's doing "the will of the people" when all of the time she's looking for any way she can to seem to be doing this but finding some way of obstructing it. It's a farce and if she succeeds then heaven help us because we're doomed into forever being controlled by the eu. It's astounding when you realise that the UK has nothing to fear about getting out any way we can and letting them know in no uncertain ways but all of the time we bow to their "superiority." It makes me cringe and if this happens I'll never vote again in anything. The country, (England; don't give a sh-t about wales, scotland and n.irelnd – let them get on with it!). will be finished and ready for who knows what. Still blair, mandleson and co will get their way and then the plebs in the uk will have to stump up for this. They must be total morons not to realise this so get on with it.
armouror is My Alias:
It cuts off Erin and Isolates them don't see a Problem there
Thomas Price:
Some say the IRA would re-form to attack the border and cause trouble. I would like the republic to become a part of the Commonwealth of nations again and be one country as in days of yore.
Because nobody wants it. The people of Northern Ireland feel it will return them to troubles that Northern Ireland felt before.
An alternative, would be to give Northern Ireland back over to Ireland, but the UK doesnt want to do that as it's 'theirs'
If Northern Ireland don't get their way, the Tories will also lose their majority in the Commons, forcing a new election and destroying their control.
N, Ireland is part of Great Britain. The Republic of Ireland is not.

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