Not me. I form speech in a very clear and efficient manner.
I very strongly believe that it would be human advancement if the entire world talked exactly like me.

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Shadow: What a vile collection of inadequates we have here.

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I do ave a Kairdiff accent – 'aark aark the laark,frum Kairdiff Aarms Paark'.

How the f**k can I be given,or anyone be given a thumbs down for describing their own accent?

blue sky:
Oie' pratface yow wanna corm and live here in Berminghum because we are the only wuns who talk pruper
I have a distinct southern accent.
I speak with one of the many regional accents that we have in the U.K. Because I no longer live in the town of my birth, but in a area where the accent is very different, my accept has 'mellowed' somewhat because the locals had problems understanding certain things I said. No-one here has any problems guessing where I am from originally but when I visit 'home' people tell me that I have lost my accent.

I find accents very interesting and do not like people who seem to think that having a strong regional accent makes us less intelligent than those people who have an accent similar to the that of the Queen. I actually think her accent is the worst one in our land.

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