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Siddhartha: Officially, he's supposed to have negotiated the deal! No loss to anybody. Perhaps he should take a trip from Dover to Calais now he's unemployed, find out where they are. McVey next, hopefully.

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why does he think any member of the public will care, he never convinced anyone he was putting the country first, simply harking on and on about what had been said/promised earlier. we never believe politicians anyway and is it any wonder – their behaviour has been utterly disgraceful, immature is putting it kindly!
What a shambles. The government has to fall.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
Hi hardly surprising i have been reading between the lines for some time now. mrs may does not have the way to deliver what is needed a full hard on exit. without conditions. having to bite the bullet and provide a border post in northern ireland.
A. J. Hoho?:
All of them hopefully.
Is the government immunised against votes of no confidence by the acts made during the Coalition? May can just keep appointing new cabinets and rely on there not being enough idiots to collapse the government. The 'meaningful vote' doesn't need to be won, she can just limp on until March.

Why did Raab sign it off yesterday?

Can you believe Raab is trying to become PM!


they are not immune to a vote of no confidence though, they have to have an election then

Jack H:
You beat me to it, LOL.Penny Mordant next ? The Tory cabinet is beginning to look like an Ikea reject one…

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