The 10 Poetry Quotes to Help You

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1. Death Ride Denied At the stables of your agonyDeath brought his morbid mareTo whisk you from your woeful wantsAnd coax you from your cares.A ride you did deny this princeAnd bid him soft farewell,Hoping the morrow must be brighter sinceYour yesterdays were hell.
2. Valentine's Day is the poet's holiday.
Beryl Dov Quote - Gypsy When one gypsy spits on you, its disgus...
3. Gypsy When one gypsy spits on you, its disgusting;when two do, it's suspicious;when three do, you're late to a gypsy wedding.
4. Does something which exists on the edge have no true relevance to the stable center, or does it, by being on the edge, become a part of the edge and thus a part of the boundary, the definition which gives the whole its shape?
Virginia Woolf Quote - Was not writing poetry a secret transaction...
5. Was not writing poetry a secret transaction, a voice answering a voice?
6. Barnum & Bailey Circus: The Greatest Show on Earth... ...when you can't afford Cirque du Soleil.
Heinrich Heine Quote - First, I thought, almost despairing,This...
7. First, I thought, almost despairing,This must crush my spirit now;Yet I bore it, and am bearing-Only do not ask me how.
8. You know, there are good reasons to learn how to read. Poetry isn't one of them. I mean, so what if two roads go two ways in a wood? So what? Who cares if it made all that big a difference? What difference? And why should I have to guess what the difference is? Isn't that what he's supposed to say?Why can't poets just say what they want to say and then shut up?
9. You are an Universe of Universes and your soul a source of songs.
10. Love vs. Honeymoon [10w] Love is what truly begins when the honeymoon is over.

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