The 10 Librarians Quotes

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1. If she can't spell, why is she a librarian? Librarians should know how to spell.
2. Adult librarians are like lazy bakers: their patrons want a jelly doughnut, so they give them a jelly doughnut. Children’s librarians are ambitious bakers: 'You like the jelly doughnut? I’ll get you a jelly doughnut. But you should try my cruller, too. My cruller is gonna blow your mind, kid.
3. Librarians are essential players in the information revolution because they level that field. They enable those without money or education to read and learn the same things as the billionaire and the PhD.
Marilyn JohnsonThis Book Is Overdue!: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All
4. In order to be really good as a librarian, everything counts towards your work, every play you go see, every concert you hear, every trip you take, everything you read, everything you know. I don’t know of another occupation like that. The more you know, the better you’re going to be.
5. The old man was peering intently at the shelves. 'I'll have to admit that he's a very competent scholar.'Isn't he just a librarian?' Garion asked, 'somebody who looks after books?'That's where all the rest of scholarship starts, Garion. All the books in the world won't help you if they're just piled up in a heap.
6. Librarians are the secret masters of the world. They control information. Don't ever piss one off.
7. Rule number one: Don't fuck with librarians.
8. Jace's eyes sparkled, but he said calmly, "Not at all. the Silent Brothers can help her retrieve her memories.""You hate the Silent Brothers,"protested Isabelle."I don't hate them,"said Jace candidly."I'm afraid of them. It's not the same thing.""I thought you said they were libarians,"said Clary."They are librarians."Simon whistled. "Those must be some killer late fees.
Rick Riordan Quote - To all my librarian friends, champions of...
9. To all my librarian friends, champions of books, true magicians in the House of Life. Without you, this writer would be lost in the Dust.
10. Don't mark up the Library's copy, you fool! Librarians are Unprankable. They'll track you down! They have skills!

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