8 Best Approval Quotes That Will Move You

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1. You will never gain anyone's approval by begging for it. When you stand confident in your own worth, respect follows.
2. Accomplishments don’t erase shame, hatred, cruelty, silence, ignorance, discrimination, low self-esteem or immorality. It covers it up, with a creative version of pride and ego. Only restitution, forgiving yourself and others, compassion, repentance and living with dignity will ever erase the past.
3. As an author, I like self-help, because clapping can be done by myself, for myself. I should buy gloves.
4. 4 in 5 Americans disapprove of the job Congress is doing, which begs the question: Are 1 in 5 Americans retarded?
5. Don't look at me in that tone of voice.
6. When you give yourself permission to communicate what matters to you in every situation you will have peace despite rejection or disapproval. Putting a voice to your soul helps you to let go of the negative energy of fear and regret.
Criss Jami Quote - A writer is one who communicates ideas and...
7. A writer is one who communicates ideas and emotions people want to communicate but aren't quite sure how, or even if, they should communicate them.
8. Most people think everybody feels about them much more violently than they actually do; they think other people's opinions of them swing through great arcs of approval or disapproval.

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