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Beryl Dov Quote - Pamela Anderson Haiku Ben Stillerbeds Pamela...
1. Pamela Anderson Haiku Ben Stillerbeds Pamela Anderson.My alarm clock rings
2. Crying in the Rain If you cry in the raindoes anybody but you know you're unhappy?
3. Time [10w] {Couplet} Can there be more callous crimethan unkindly killing time?
4. A Poem Must Have an Accomplice If you cannot bamboozle the reader into becoming a willing accomplice to your artifice and collusion the poem won't fly.
5. Virginia Haiku "Bowl of chili for me.She'll have the Cheesy Western.Both with, add a slab.
Beryl Dov Quote - Compassion and Self-Neglect [10w] Compassiona...
6. Compassion and Self-Neglect [10w] Compassionate people know how to care of everybody but themselves.
7. Epiphanies [10w] Epiphanies aren't intuitions of new ideas;they're rearranging existing information.
Beryl Dov Quote - Opportunity Knocks: China When opportunit...
8. Opportunity Knocks: China When opportunity knocksthe Chinese make knock-offs.
9. Memory Timeline of Divorce Divorce +1 year: "Just because we don't talk, it doesn't mean I can't stop thinking about you."Divorce +10 years: "The one good thing that came out of our marriage was our wonderful children."Divorce +20 year: "Who? Doesn't ring a bell.
10. Past/Present/Future I have no problem living in the present,but because of my pastpeople want to kill me in the future.
Beryl Dov Quote - Fate [10w] The eternal point where our dreams...
11. Fate [10w] The eternal point where our dreams intersect is called fate.
12. Put it All on Black' [10w] God doesn't play dice with the universe;He prefers roulette.
13. Lenny Bruce I'm going to be rich!I figured out how to get schlong-juice stains off of suede.
14. ♀ Travelers vs. ♀ Tourists [10w] + [10w] Female travelers wear no makeup, stringy jewelry and Jesus sandals.Female travelers wear overcaked makeup, diamond jewelry and Gucci Booties.
15. Dysfunctional Love We split up not because he or she didn't love us,but because they did love us in the only way they knew how.
16. Die Alone It is man's tragic fate to die alone,therefore, we must carefully choose who we die alone with.
17. ESL New immigrantswho've taken ESL (English as a Second Language),will always misunderstand sarcasm ~but those fuckers sure as shit enjoy the prices at Walmart.
18. Marriage Material For women seeking a marriage partner,a man's sense of humor trumps good looks.Unfortunately for the funnymen out there,security trumps laughter.
19. David Dukes How come everytime I put on the T.V.to watch some Dick Wolf crime show,all the judges are blackand all the criminals are white!I just sayin there must be some kindaJew conspiracy at work here!
20. Patience [10w] Patience is the most technologically advanced form of energy efficiency.
Beryl Dov Quote - Mingling Defined [10w] Superficial people...
21. Mingling Defined [10w] Superficial people engaging with superficial people on a superficial level.
22. Let Others Speak [10w] When others speak of your virtues they grow tenfold.
23. Children Learn to Love and Hate A child understands love by three months and hate by three years.How the child processes that understandingwill shape his character for the next seventy.
24. What Teenage Boys Do On Their Computer All Day [10w] ctrl alt delete ex-girlfriendcut paste Penelope Cruzpost Facebook
25. Senility [10w] Senility's like a bottle of Coke that lost its bubbles.
Beryl Dov Quote - Minus One [10w] We more people we fuckthe...
26. Minus One [10w] We more people we fuckthe more lonely we become.
27. Cruel Love [10w] Cruel love helps turn out excellent,competitive, cutthroat, dog-eat-dog children.
28. The Poet's Disease My body atrophies.My mind swells.Imagination's become my crutch.
29. Past is Past [10w] Lovers should clearly avoid obsessing about each other's romantic past.
30. Diet and Exorcise [10w] The most effective diet is hanging around with fat people.
31. Lotto If I won a million bucks in Lotto,I'd give it to Charity.Charity gives great head.
Beryl Dov Quote - Avery If a boy named Avery marries a girl...
32. Avery If a boy named Avery marries a girl named Avery,will they name or just label their children?
33. As Dead As "Nothing's changed at my place of birth.It is as dead as I remember leaving it.
Beryl Dov Quote - Pussy [10w] Her pussy was heaven's gate...
34. Pussy [10w] Her pussy was heaven's gate and the backdoor of hell.
Beryl Dov Quote - Il Principe 2015: Lesson 1 - The Balls If...
35. Il Principe 2015: Lesson 1 - The Balls If humility is what's all important to your adversary,humble yourself before him,and you've got him by the balls.
36. they=""use=""to=""be=""so=""sweet"=""[10w]=""Parent's should celebrate change in their children;they're growing up.
37. Fabulous Creatures and Trust Issues [10w] Never trust a sheep in wolf’s clothing despite the unicorn.
38. Divine Write [10w] To write is to divinely dabblein infinite alternate realities.
39. Preachiness vs. Prose vs. Poetry A poem that says what it means is prose;if it means what it says it's a sermon.Leave the homiletics for the priestsprose for the journalistsand soulful resonancefor the poets.
40. Louisiana Dynamite Fishin' {10w] "Uncle Jimbo sez, if dey don't float it ain't fishin'.
41. Styx Haiku Boatman refusesto paddle me down the Styx.'No carry-on baggage.
42. American Foreign Policy [10w] Foreign Policy requires dealing from the bottom of the deck.
43. Legacy To leave a legacy,you first gotta leave your leg in the door.
44. Bespeckled Heroes [10w] Great heroes in 100 years become statues speckled with birdshit.
45. Flattery [10w] Flattery is the only passport that will get you everywhere
46. Russian, Metafizicheskiy-poshlost This is the humorous metaphysical banality like watching Tolstoy's wife, Sophia, nag her husband about leaving borscht stains on the table linen. The resulting discombobulation totally messed up the ending of Anna Karenina.
47. Tennessee State Motto Agriculture and Commerce.Where the KKK was bornand the most popular pick up line is, 'Nice tooth!
48. Psychotherapy [10w] If you can second guess a psychotherapist,they’re totally useless.
Beryl Dov Quote - What is the Meaning of Life? [10w] {6} To...
49. What is the Meaning of Life? [10w] {6} To be transformed into all we are capable of becoming.
Beryl Dov Quote - Reckless vs. Diet [10w] I live too recklessl...
50. Reckless vs. Diet [10w] I live too recklessly to worry about low carb diets.
Beryl Dov Quote - Oppressor vs. Oppressed [10w] Love somtimes...
51. Oppressor vs. Oppressed [10w] Love somtimes disintegrates into becoming the oppressor or the oppressed.
Beryl Dov Quote - Maintaining the Distance between Wealth and...
52. Maintaining the Distance between Wealth and Poverty [10w] The nouveau riche are far more ruthlessthan the rich.
53. Don't Quit ❣ Don't quit on love and it won't bail on you.
Beryl Dov Quote - Self-Sufficiency [10w] When God closes a...
54. Self-Sufficiency [10w] When God closes a door,buy a Sawzall from Home Depot.
55. Grave Dancing for Dummies {Couplet} They danced at my grave when I was buried at sea;with my haters drowned, I'm now totally free.
56. Publisher's Persuasion "You're much too good a writer to want a six figure advance. You don't want your readers to think you're only writing for money ~ do you?
57. Why Don't You Practice What You Preach [10w] The reason I teach and preach?In order to learn.
58. Love's Kiss of Death [10w] Love's kiss of death is taking each another for granted.
59. Garden [10w] A garden is a poem written with flowers on earth.
60. Mongolian, Temeenii'malgai The small fuzzy hat worn by camels that cross the Gobi desert. Usually stolen by natives of Ulaanbaatar for the groom's hat at weddings. The fuzz on the hat smells so bad that the groom is temporarily blinded and can't see how ugly the bride looks until it's too late.
61. How to Save the World [10w] When true love floods in, it could float an ark.
Beryl Dov Quote - Teenagers [10w] Teenagers are the lone surviv...
62. Teenagers [10w] Teenagers are the lone survivors of a ruthless hormonal holocaust.
63. You're My Favorite' If you want all your children to know they're your favorite,give them all the same nameand whisper this confession in all their earswith the promise not to telltheir brothers and sisters.
64. Extra Crispy Deranged Free Range Chickens "Hey, I may be delusional in believing you're delusional,but one thinks for sure, the person who bothers to read this shit is delusional.
65. Pale Oak Leaves Scatter Pale oak leaves scatteraround my father's grave."For this I pay $30/month maintenance?
66. Carrots and Creativity [10w] Put a carrot in front of you for optimal creativity.
67. Mended [10w] {Couplet} If the recently mended heart,breaks again, it shall not start.
68. Occam's Razor [10w] I shaved with Occam's razor and he shaved with mine.
69. Love and Blindness [10w] Love may be unilaterally blind,but divorce blinds both parties.
70. God Made God made our beingour parents our bodyphilosophy our mindchildren our compassionhostory our loyaltywork our self-esteembattles our heroismpoetry our soulsoulmates our lovewhich stitches it all togetherinto a life.

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