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1. I wouldn't wear turtlenecks. That I'm not envious of. But who knows? I might sneak out a few things and hope and pray that no one says, 'Hey, didn't you wear that when you were playing an enormous geek on TV?'
2. The person who knows one thing and does it better than anyone else, even if it only be the art of raising lentils, receives the crown he merits. If he raises all his energy to that end, he is a benefactor of mankind and its rewarded as such.
3. Love, having no geography, knows no boundaries.
4. A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.
5. I've learned to have a sense of humor about myself. Lord knows everyone else does!
6. Suppose that we could close our eyes today and see the real certainties and uncertainties of tomorrow, we would have never wished to open our eyes again for the real certainties and uncertainties of tomorrow never ends!

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