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Beryl Dov Quote - Goat Fucking for Dummies You gently fuck...
1. Goat Fucking for Dummies You gently fuck a female goat ~you got to ram the malesto make any progress.
Beryl Dov Quote - O God O God I love you.I worship you, I need...
2. O God O God I love you.I worship you, I need you.Everything I am is because of you.Everything.O God I hate you.
Beryl Dov Quote - Self-Contempt [10w] Self-contempt is calling...
3. Self-Contempt [10w] Self-contempt is calling yourself collect and refusing to accept the charges.
Beryl Dov Quote - Confucius vs. Confusion [10w] Confucius sa...
4. Confucius vs. Confusion [10w] Confucius says if pussy smell like fish change the bait.
5. Hermit Crab Should a hermit crab be required to have a real estate license?
6. Who Am I "I don't know who I am whenI'm not the person who loves you.
7. Irish-Gaelic Wife-Fooking Proverb The truth can't be concealedI fooked your Caitlin from behind,because you can never plow a field by just turning it over in your mind.By the way, Caitlin's last words, before sucking me cock, were"Me husband's balls smells like ballyblue cheese, ahhhhhh, Éirinn go Brách!
8. If You Can't Think, You've No Right to Speak [10w] Our Constitution's guarantee of free speech specifically excludes fucking idiots.
9. They'd Rather Switch [10w] Hearing is wasted on the blind;sight, on the deaf.
10. Garden [10w] A garden is a poem written with flowers on earth.
Beryl Dov Quote - Nebraska State Motto Equality before the...
11. Nebraska State Motto Equality before the law.Where Monsanto/GMO corn is above the law.
12. The Hand that Feeds You Don't bite the hand that feeds you ~unless you're in a haunted houseand the fucking hand isn't attached to anything.
13. Where's Ralph Waldo Emerson When you Need Him? A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds;as opposed to bigger hobgoblins with bigger dicks, doing all sorts of ghoulish shit behind the Venetian blinds.
Beryl Dov Quote - Cormorant’s Flight [10w] The cormorant...
14. Cormorant’s Flight [10w] The cormorant’s flight is the first shadow of the wave.
15. Taco Bell [10w] Taco Bell: Living proof you can shit where you eat.
16. Today I Learned: Delete Today I learnedwhen you delete stuff on your computerit still resides on your hard drive.It's sort of like getting divorcedbut that bitch still lives in your house.
17. Fugly Fishmates For every woman that looks like a hatchet-faced haddockthere's an equally ugly flounder-faced man with even fewer prospects.
18. Contiguous vs. Continuous Identity Identity's only preserved in death;in life it is ever-changing.
19. Natural Born Killers [10w] After their first,every soldier becomes a natural born killer.
20. Children and Food [10w] Once children order like grown-upsfood's lost its sweet innocence.
21. Romantic Ring Ceremony Define this wedding ring,with which I betroth thee unto me forever,not by the confining boundaries of it's goldbut by the empty circle within -that perfect portal to your loving heartyou have opened for me, and me alone -as I have opened mine for you.
22. Discrete vs. Discreet Moonlight falls upon my feet,beyond the sun's overwrought conceit.I'm painted pristine white, without the heat;reflection's cool reflection~ how discreet!
23. Mended [10w] {Couplet} If the recently mended heart,breaks again, it shall not start.
24. Let's get physical, physical [10w] All physical contact is meaningful,even if meaningful means sleazy.
25. Why We Need Smart People [10w] We need smart people to call other smart people morons.
Beryl Dov Quote - Shit Poetry [10w] Poetry without grace of...
26. Shit Poetry [10w] Poetry without grace of expression is just so much shit.
Beryl Dov Quote - Reconstruction of Japan After World War II...
27. Reconstruction of Japan After World War II [10w] 'I am what I plan'became the motto of modern-Japan.
Beryl Dov Quote - Oxford, England Haiku City shrouded in fogand...
28. Oxford, England Haiku City shrouded in fogand within the blinding mist we found each other.
29. Wheaties: Breakfast of Champions... who'll endorse any product for a price.
Beryl Dov Quote - Dressed to Kill [10w] At fashionable parties...
30. Dressed to Kill [10w] At fashionable parties,vegetarians should not be dressed to kill.
31. What's a Proper Tribute to Robin Williams? [10w] When funnymen die is to better to laugh or cry?
32. Past is Past [10w] Lovers should clearly avoid obsessing about each other's romantic past.
Beryl Dov Quote - Nomad {Couplet} When your roots grow from...
33. Nomad {Couplet} When your roots grow from the outside in,home becomes whatever place you're in.
34. Twitter Love [10w] ♥ ۵ 웃 유 ღ ♂ ♀ is2g, no b.s.dnt nd 8v3n, wen ive gt uaღღღღღღღღღღღღღღღღღღღღღ
Beryl Dov Quote - Stratospherical Poems [10w] Poets circle...
35. Stratospherical Poems [10w] Poets circle the earth in a higher orbit than readers.
36. Second Opinions My doctor told me I have pancreatic cancer and have 2 months to live.I asked him about getting a second opinion.The Doc said, 'No problem.'He thought for a second and said,'I think the Boston Red Sox are going to win the series again this year.
Beryl Dov Quote - Heartbreak [10w] Heartbreak’s like a heart...
37. Heartbreak [10w] Heartbreak’s like a heart attack but without the hospital bills.
38. Make It Happen!!! [10w] Don't wait for someone to fall in love with you.
39. Time is Not a Constant [10w] Time speeds up, crawls, compresses and expands depending on mood.
40. Charity [10w] Contentment over your life is the best aphrodisiac for charity.
41. Poetry is a Ladder {C☰O☰U☰P☰L☰E☰T} {The poet's job is to create a ladder} {for the reader to enter his imagination}and☰once☰they've☰climbed☰u­p☰to☰the ☰top☰remove☰each☰rung☰by☰grad­ation
42. Present {Couplet} Our present is the dissipating despair of our past mingled with the promise of our future we hope will last.
Beryl Dov Quote - Wine [10w] American wines tasting as good...
43. Wine [10w] American wines tasting as good as French wines are presumptuous.
Beryl Dov Quote - you=""are="&qu...
44. you=""are=""what=""eat"=""[10w]=""That's why I've become a pizza with a pussy topping.
45. Cheeky Poets [10w] Remember 'poetry' lies between 'pitiful' and 'poop' in the dictionary.
Beryl Dov Quote - Preserving Beauty [10w] + {Couplet} Preservin...
46. Preserving Beauty [10w] + {Couplet} Preserving beauty is futile;even Cleopatra returned to the Nile.
47. Rainbows and Gratuitous Violence Whenever I see a rainbow, I want to punch a penguin in the face.
Beryl Dov Quote - Over-Douse [10w] Trying to mask death's...
48. Over-Douse [10w] Trying to mask death's smell,old ladies over-douse on perfume.
49. Depth of Love [10w] The longer the time between relationships,the deeper your love.
50. Income Tax [10w] A man's income tax return measures his integrity and stupidity.

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