5 Goalsinlife Quotes That Will Speak To Your Heart

Published on 2020-06-24 12:07:00 Category:Best Quotes

1. Effort within the mind further limits the mind, because effort implies struggle towards a goal and when you have a goal, a purpose, an end in view, you have placed a limit on the mind.
2. In order to live a fulfilled life, do not focus on the size of your audience; focus instead on leaving an impact on the circle of influence God has given you.
Shannon A. Thompson Quote - Remember how far you’ve come, and you won...
3. Remember how far you’ve come, and you won’t have to rely on a destiny for your future. It will come on your own.
4. Life isn't always what you expect it to be. Sometimes it hands you lemons and other times sugary sweets. But there are no shortcuts to your dreams. So if one way doesn't lead you to your goal. Find another one.
5. When I was growing up I always wanted to be someone. Now I realize I should have been more specific.

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