40 Purpose Quotes That Will Move You

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1. Strong lives are motivated by dynamic purposes.
2. I like trains. I like their rhythm, and I like the freedom of being suspended between two places, all anxieties of purpose taken care of: for this moment I know where I am going.
Anna FunderStasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall
3. Having a sense of purpose is having a sense of self. A course to plot is a destination to hope for.
4. Twittersweeet [10w] Finding Twitter followers' like fishing in a lake of fisherman.
Beryl Dov Quote - Ars Poetica: Dovetailing Collage [10w] Poems...
5. Ars Poetica: Dovetailing Collage [10w] Poems should be a dovetailing collage not a linear cohesion.
Beryl Dov Quote - Humble Wishes [10w] "God, all I...
6. Humble Wishes [10w] "God, all I simply ask is that I become perfect.
7. It doesn't matter what you did or where you were...it matters where you are and what you're doing. Get out there! Sing the song in your heart and NEVER let anyone shut you up!!
8. Poetry is a Ladder {C☰O☰U☰P☰L☰E☰T} {The poet's job is to create a ladder} {for the reader to enter his imagination}and☰once☰they've☰climbed☰u­p☰to☰the ☰top☰remove☰each☰rung☰by☰grad­ation
Beryl Dov Quote - Genesis {Couplet} God spoke the world into...
9. Genesis {Couplet} God spoke the world into existence, reifying an abstraction.Now the Creator's had second thoughts and wishes to utter a retraction.
Beryl Dov Quote - Il Principe 2015: Lesson 1 - The Balls If...
10. Il Principe 2015: Lesson 1 - The Balls If humility is what's all important to your adversary,humble yourself before him,and you've got him by the balls.
11. Frivolous Gossip and Poetry It's just so much frivolous gossip to dwell upon the moral merits of a poet;what should only concern the reader is the merit of his words.Leave moral judgments to the preachers and aesthetic judgments to the critical readers.
12. ...But we also believe that part of our mission in life is to find our bliss and follow it. Life is a precious and delicate gift. How much of that gift do we squander out of fear?
13. What's Hot [10w] + {Couplet} We incorrectly assume what's hotis becoming what we're not.
14. Meek [10w] Blessed are the meek, for they've learned how to duck.
Beryl Dov Quote - Wine [10w] American wines tasting as good...
15. Wine [10w] American wines tasting as good as French wines are presumptuous.
16. We are the same, you and I. Whether samurai or night-hawk, the Suruga Dainagon or member of the Toudouza, it makes no difference. My sword is the proof...."These words, wrung from the very depths of his soul, surprised even Seigen himself. He had not risen in the world merely in order to satisfy his ambition, but in order to repudiate hierarchical society and the fixed class system.
17. Pale Oak Leaves Scatter Pale oak leaves scatteraround my father's grave."For this I pay $30/month maintenance?
18. A wise teacher learns in the midst of teaching; a wise student teaches in the midst of learning.
19. Ode to a Wastepaper Basket I love the way you sit in the corner,gracious like a lover,catching my every crumpled vanity.
20. Hug [10w] To embrace what you truly love,give it a hug.
21. The AP Stylebook is Useless {Couplet} I can't abbreviate abbreviation nor know how to initialize an acronym,I can find the contraction for contraction nor the précis for a homonym.
22. How to Save the World [10w] When true love floods in, it could float an ark.
23. Visual Pun [10w] Example of visual pun:cloud shaped like a banana peel.
24. Dysfunctional vs. You're One Fucked Up Bitch [10w] "Causing pain's the only way you know how to love.
25. Advice for Women at Starbucks If a vanilla latte and banana nut muffin doesn't solve the problem,perhaps you're going at it wrong.
26. Learning from Experience Learning from experience means, 'Boy, did I just fuck up!
27. Revenge [10w] Revenge is a long game;all you need is time.
28. As Long As It Has a Fast Internet Connection {Couplet} I need a cozy den to winter in,a hiberaculum away from the city's din.
29. Time is too swift for those who fear, too long for those who wait, too short for those who finally find peace, but for those who love, time is eternal. For nothing is ever lost that God wants you to find.
30. But because truly being here is so much; because everything here apparently needs us, this fleeting world, which in some strange way keeps calling to us. Us, the most fleeting of all. Once for each thing. Just once; no more. And we too, just once. And never again. But to have been this once, completely, even if only once: to have been at one with the earth, seems beyond undoing.
31. Who Isn't [10w] Psychotherapy's powerless once you assume you're smarter than the therapist.
32. But often, in the world’s most crowded streets,But often, in the din of strife,There rises an unspeakable desireAfter the knowledge of our buried life;A thirst to spend our fire and restless forceIn tracking out our true, original course;A longing to inquireInto the mystery of this heart which beatsSo wild, so deep in us—to knowWhence our lives come and where they go.
33. Relatively Speaking [10w] The irony about 'relativism theories' is that they're relative too.
34. Intelligence minus purpose equals stupidity.
35. River Mountain Ocean [10w] + [10w] + {Couplet} Rivers delight in their flow;Mountains savor their snow.But oceans are in concurrencetheir contentment comes from recurrence.
36. Cookie Cutter Criticism A critic tried to fit my sense of humor in a cookie cutter,but it wouldn't fit his preconceived shape of what comedy should be.So he pressed harder, and harder and harder until the cookie cutter cut a cookie shaperight through the palm of his hand.It doesn't hurt anymore when the critic tries to slap me in the face.There's no more hot-air resistance.
37. Toasts During the hymeneal repast,The guest stood silent as toasts were cast.The Best Man bore witness to a dozen years pastThe Bridesmaid joked about a relationship that wouldn’t lastThe groom listened and held the hand of the brideKnowing his real toast was buttered on the other side.
Beryl Dov Quote - Poetry Should Dance [10w] Let poetry dance...
38. Poetry Should Dance [10w] Let poetry dance ~neither outpace it nor let it lag.
39. From the Slobodan Milošević interview during the the Hague Tribunal : 'What are your hobbies?' [10w] "I enjoy gardening because weeding reminds me of ethnic cleansing.
40. Dating Asian Her Kung Fu style was not too bad,but at doggie style she had me had.

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