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Jarod Kintz Quote - I type on my keyboard like I’m Beethoven...
1. I type on my keyboard like I’m Beethoven on the piano. My words may be silent in the air, but they ring as music in my mind while I write.
2. The feeling of friendship is like that of being comfortably filled with roast beef; love, like being enlivened with champagne.
Antonio Machado Quote - I dreamt -- marvellous error! -- that I had...
3. I dreamt -- marvellous error! -- that I had a beehive here inside my heart. And the golden bees were making white combs and sweet honey from my old failures.
4. I'm sober. Yessiree, I quit drinking. I haven't had a beer in four hours. Now I just need some coffee and to get drunk on love poetry.
5. Ow! My brains!
6. Everything takes time. Bees have to move very fast to stay still.
7. Networking is like fishing. Just give some beer and a boat and I’ll be in business.
8. To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,One clover, and a bee,And revery.The revery alone will do,If bees are few.
9. Too many abused beers have suffered in the name of networking. Let us find a better way to mix torture and business.
10. Whiskey's to tough, Champagne costs too much, Vodka puts my mouth in gear. I hope this refrain, Will help me explain, As a matter of fact, I like beer.
11. I love when my cat crushes his forehead into mine like my skull is an empty beer can. But it’s not—there’s still a sip left.
12. She brews a bruise on my heart, and drinks it like a beer. She calls it love, but she would, because she’s drunk on my torment.
13. I was an anorexic, beer drinking, class cutting, doodling, shoplifting, skater chick that was into nature, art class, and the beach.
14. Is it better to be feared or loved? Loved, because people associate with you because they want to, not because they need to. We need to eat beets, but we want to eat cake. Be the cake of the world.
15. I network like a salmon in a bear costume. Why swim upstream when the honeybee has all the flowers? Is anything more romantic than roses on a grave?
Jarod Kintz Quote - Snow is not microwave friendly. In fact,...
16. Snow is not microwave friendly. In fact, snow is not too friendly at all, unless you first buy it a few beers. Then it’s just downright slutty.
Wendelin Van Draanen Quote - The room fell quiet. And as I read down the...
17. The room fell quiet. And as I read down the list of over one hundred and fifty eight-grade boys, I realized that to me, there had only ever been one boy.
18. Beer has that Olympic medal color,” Rot replied, “but does it have a winning taste? I’d hardly call silver a champion flavor. No, I’ll stick to my red wine.
Jarod KintzThe Mandrake Hotel and Resort to violence if necessary
19. There is nothing perfect...only life.
20. The vibrations on the air are the breath of God speaking to man's soul. Music is the language of God. We musicians are as close to God as man can be. We hear his voice, we read his lips, we give birth to the children of God, who sing his praise. That's what musicians are.
21. Spelling Bees are useless and unnecessary competitions. Before Microsoft Word and Google, Spelling Bees had value, but now they are all superflewus.
22. Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers.
Jarod Kintz Quote - A gumble bee is half gum ball, half bumble...
23. A gumble bee is half gum ball, half bumble bee, and it’s so chewy it stings. Makes me want to be a better lover and tractor salesman.
24. Fairies with gossamer wings, Bring forth beauty, grace and joyful things. Fairies of the earth are caretakers of our soil, water and trees,They watch over beautiful creatures such as bears, bunnies and bees.Fairies ask that you breathe in and appreciate the vantage point from which you stand,Then trod carefully and respectfully with each intentional step you make across this beautiful land.
25. Having beef with someone is unnecessary and avoidable. Whatever the issue, if not positive, it is an opportunity to cut the excess fat from an unhealthy dietary network. Simply excuse yourself from the table of negativity and lean forward in peace.
T.F. HodgeFrom Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence"
26. Although finding fruit flies in your wine or beer can be a bit annoying, I hope people will pause to admire the tenacity of these clever little creatures. They are really just hungry animals looking for something to eat, and have no intention of ruining your happy hour.
27. If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.
28. I ordered a beer and then I ordered another beer, because why finish one when I can finish two? Having only one is great for love, but bad for beer.
29. [When asked why are numbers beautiful?]It’s like asking why is Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony beautiful. If you don't see why, someone can't tell you. I know numbers are beautiful. If they aren't beautiful, nothing is.
30. We're starting our own religion at last. The Order of Frisbeetarians. We believe that when you die, your soul ascends to a rooftop and you can never get it back.
31. To be successful, one has to be one of three bees - the queen bee, the hardest working bee, or the bee that does not fit in.
Suzy KassemRise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem
Sue Monk Kidd Quote - People, in general, would rather die than...
32. People, in general, would rather die than forgive. It's that hard.
33. If I ever meet myself,' said Zaphod, 'I'll hit myself so hard I won't know what's hit me.
34. He shrugs. "Doesn't help to waste my time thinking about would've-beens."Laila whispers, "He says to the girl with a mind full of them.
35. To me, beer tastes like piss. Maybe that's why I only enjoy it in the shower with my uncle.
36. In an age when mass pleasures like television are becoming more feeble and homogeneous, the very act of discrimination becomes a form of protest. At a time when mass marketing of food produces a product so disgusting that it has to be wrapped in distracting gimmicks to be sold, the mere fact of paying attention to what you eat and drink and telling the truth about taste is a revolutionary act.

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