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1. You’re not a bad person, you’re just a little bit different and I’m a sucker for that.
2. If people were employed at creating heaven on earth, everybody would be happy; instead each one is creating his own heaven by creating hell for others.
3. A tamed woman will never leave her mark in the world.
Robert M. Drake Quote - The best kind of humans are the ones who...
4. The best kind of humans are the ones who stay.
5. At the end of the day I went to this place where your memories left footsteps on my skin and the breath of your touch stained my desire. Yea, it was one of those nights where I needed you the most.
6. I know how you feel because I’ve been there too. I’ve hated and I’ve loved. I’ve seen my demons root and crawl and my angels branch and soar. I've died within myself and lived a thousand different lives. I too fight the same war and I too am drowning in the puddles of self-consciousness this world created.
7. With all honesty, somewhere between the hello and the dreams I saw you in I fell in love.
8. She was broken from moment to moment, watching her world collide she felt lost inside herself. She fell apart for a passion that flamed beneath her. She waited and died a hundred times, it dripped from her pores. The moment she let go, she soared over the stillness like the star she was born to be.
Robert M. Drake Quote - Maybe love was meant to save us from ourselve...
9. Maybe love was meant to save us from ourselves.
Robert M. Drake Quote - Suddenly I remembered that laugh, it told...
10. Suddenly I remembered that laugh, it told a different story, our story.
11. If I lived a million lives, I would've felt a million feelings and I still would've fallen a million times for you.
12. She needed the chaos within her in order to discover the extraordinary no man could ever reach.
13. To love is to soar in the wild unexpectedly.
14. Excuse me, I feel interrupted and I think I've overdose from the idea of loving you.
15. Death is the easy part, the hard part is living and knowing you could be so much more then you’re willing to be.
16. Maybe I hope too much. Maybe I dream too much or maybe I love too much to just give up on you.
17. I need you because I know I deserve you but let me fall in love with you one last time before I let go. So I can remember the beautiful imperfection that rattled my bones.
18. She was a beautiful dreamer. The kind of girl, who kept her head in the clouds, loved above the stars and left regret beneath the earth she walked on.
19. She wildly burned for the one she loved and he stood there watching, hoping he too would catch a blaze from the violence stirring in her heart.
Robert M. Drake Quote - Maybe what this is. What we have, is somethin...
20. Maybe what this is. What we have, is something that will save us from ourselves.
Robert M. Drake Quote - The greatest adventure is to have no fear...
21. The greatest adventure is to have no fear for the blaze that lies ahead.
22. It’s funny, for all it took was a broken heart and that alone was enough, enough for her to do everything she ever dreamed of.
23. How could I live above the water or breathe under it. How could I swim in darkness consumed in an ocean of you? Falling or flying towards you, losing or finding myself in you and beauty was never the word to catch all that you are. For now I know the means of the infinite and it all starts and ends with you.
24. I arrived, I saw humans and I saw through their faces. Nothing ever changes but the light in their eyes. For I too have buried my demons today, without knowing what might remain beneath the face of tomorrow.
25. We swallowed the chaos because we knew we didn't want to be ordinary.
Robert M. Drake Quote - I had to learn to live without you and I...
26. I had to learn to live without you and I couldn't make sense of it, because I left so much of me inside of you.
Robert M. Drake Quote - Sometimes the most beautiful people are beaut...
27. Sometimes the most beautiful people are beautifully broken.
28. I kept loving and loving and loving. Every waking hour, I marveled on how these moments would make made me feel. I wanted to love the world and be the change it so deliciously craved.
29. It was never about the world being too big, it was more like she was too much for the world to handle.
30. But dear, don’t be afraid of love it’s only magic.
31. Broken hearts, you can run, you can hide and perhaps the earth is big enough to believe you’re safe. So maybe for a moment you have escaped but hear me, hear me well. Love will find you and it will leave nothing behind.
32. Its dark and I’m reading my scars because our moments remind me of where I should be.
Robert M. Drake Quote - We’re only instruments of love, flowing...
33. We’re only instruments of love, flowing through heaps of pain hoping one day we’d hatch a passion of our own.
34. She wasn't broken. She was just bent, over the chance of being ignored by the one she loved.

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