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1. How long have you been standing there?""Just long enough to see you give Daemon the middle finger.""He deserved it.
2. Remind me,"he paused, drawing in a stuttered gasp, "to never piss you off again. Christ, are you secretly a ninja?
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3. Ash is going to kick your ass, Daemon."Daemon's grin went up a notch. "Nah, she likes my ass too much for that.
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4. Did you think you could stop me? I'll burn the world down to save her.
5. I'm not leaving, Kitten. You're going to do this."My mouth opened as did the door behind us. Stomach dropping, I turned to see Mom standing there in all her fuzzy-bunny pajama glory. Oh, for the love of God.
6. A few seconds after he stepped out into the hallway and closed the door behind him, there was a fleshly smack and then Andrew yelling, “Ouch. What in the hell was that for?” “Your timing sucks on an epic level,” Daemon shot back.
7. You know what they say about boys next door...
8. I have the feeling we just made a deal with the devil, and he's going to come back and want our first-born child or something."Daemon waggled his brows. "You want kids? Because you know, practice makes--""Shut up."I shook my head and started walking.
9. I didn't want to spoil the mood. This was probably the longest Daemon and I had ever spoken without some statement earning him the finger.
10. I couldn't stop staring at his mouth when he spoke. I bet he knew how to kiss. Perfect kisses too, ones that weren't wet and gross, but the kind that curled toes.I needed to stop looking at him in general.
11. Honestly, as much as I love my brother, I’m not sure how I feel about him hanging out in your bedroom.” He reached out with a muscular arm and used his fingers to brush a few strands of hair off my cheek, tucking them behind my ear. I shivered, and he smiled. “I feel like I need to mark my territory.” “Shut up.” “Oh, I love it when you get all bossy-pants. It’s sexy.
12. Daemon!"Dee called from the kitchen. "I need your help!""We should go see what she's doing before she destroys your kitchen."He rubbed his hands down his face. "It's possible.
13. You were born with a song in the seat of your soul; let the life that you live be the singing of it.
14. Dee loves it here. Before you came, she spent most of her days here."To Daemon, my arrival was the beginning of the end. The apocalypse. Kat-mageddon. "You know, I'm not going to get your sister in trouble.""We'll see.
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15. Me and Katy look adorkable in extraterrestrialhighway shirts. You would just look stupid. You can thank me later.

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