How could you tell if you are not? What are the signs of media brainwashing?

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Mistress of Morality??: If you don't believe all you hear you know you're not brainwashed, or a leftie for that matter.

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Mistress of Morality??:
When you repeat things said by CNN, MSNBC as fact instead of researching subjects yourself.
Don’t believe anything said by the far right. Why do you think Hitler youth had a book burnings? To close down thought and eradicate the past, change history then replace it with fascist drivel. Nothing has changed, look at Trump. He wants to control the message and a free media is a threat to that. He reckons that if you control the media, you control how people think. The problem with that is, the people on the whole are more intelligent than him (granted some are not). Moreover we’ve seen this before. It’s a well worn method of demagoguery. Demonise the media, place the blame somewhere else, deflect attention from the real issues, make them the enemy to justify more draconian control and less freedom of speech.
Don't touch that dial!!!
Do you believe what trump says?

If so, you have no brain to wash

Nope, I do not watch Faux news

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