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Siddhartha: They do the most damage to the population.

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are u happy with your sexuaity
No Trangenders are. I was part of the gay community when the T was added to the LGBT. It used to be just LGB. However, the trans community which is small, asked to be party of the LGB community due to the fact we had political power due to the sheer number of gay people. In return they vowed to support the gay community in their fight for rights and in return the gay community would do the same for Trans people. However, Trans was a euphemism back then which included crossdressers, and people who generally preferred to wear the clothes of the opposite gender, with a small subgroup that suffered from Gender Disphoria. Bisexuals are seen as something different in the gay community. They have always been distrusted as they are in the middle between being gay and straight. So as a result you will get in the gay community many who say they won't day a bi person. Or people will say things like Bi people are just straight people playing around. And I can understand the idea behind that as most Bi people will marry someone of the opposite sex. So it's really difficult for people to understand. Really, though it is trans people that are not revolting but shouldn't be included in the LGB community. Mainly because it is a mental illness they suffer from. The majority of them have a straight sexuality. Very rare for someone who undergoes the transgender surgery to the opposite gender to change their sexuality. For example a person born a woman who likes men is considered straight. She goes from woman to man and doesn't change her sexuality so we are to believe she is now gay? Now if she was attracted to women when she was a woman and keeps that sexuality then technically she is gay. However I don't think the straight trans people should be included in the LGB community simply because they are not gay, lesbian or bisexual.
Revolting? I don't think so. Even if you find LGBT revolting as a whole, there are much stranger orientations included.
Sir Prince Kenny:
No, your father is!

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