50 Great Sites To Download Free Cool Wallpapers

Most of the people would like to change the desktop wallpapers often such that they look cool. But finding a good wallpaper to display on the screen of your computer is a task in itself. When a wallpaper resolution matches with the screen resolution it looks great and here is the list of sites to help you get cool wallpapers to your desktops. This list article is considered to be as really comprehensive covering really wide variety for you to choose! Enjoy it and feel free to share your another findings, there will be never be enough wallpaper sources and enough inspiration!

1. Social Wallpapers

In this site you can find hundreds of cool wall papers and for easy searching you can browse through the wall papers in various categories and when you hover the mouse pointer on an image you can see the details about the wallpaper. And before you download any of the wallpaper you can also see the preview in the browser.


2. VladStudio Wallpapers

This site hosts all wallpapers related to nature. If you are a nature lover then you can download some of the cool natural wallpapers from this site. You can also find 2 monitors and 3 monitors’ wallpapers in this all natural. All the wallpapers are categorized into four group’s abstract art, creatures, illusions and photos. Browse through thousands of nature wallpapers and be sure to find one that boosts your mood.


3. Stock wallpapers

This site really holds a great stock of wallpapers. Organizers of this site take care that only high quality wallpapers are posted in this site. You can download any of the wallpaper in various resolutions according to your need.


4. Horror Occult

This site holds a large library of wallpapers you can browse through the wallpapers in the library according to the category. This site holds some of the best wallpapers on the internet.


5. Animal Wallpapers

Photos taken by some of the best NGC still photographers are hosted in this site. You can use these photos as wallpapers on your personal computers. You can find wallpapers related to the wild life, nature, history and more in this site.


6. Female Celebrities

If you are looking for high quality wallpapers then this site is your destination. You can browse through various categories like the Animals to celebrities in this site and you can choose wallpapers according to the resolution also.


7. HD Wallpapers

This site also holds some of the cool HD quality wallpapers. You can browse through various categories and find the wallpaper that you need and set it as a desktop background in this site. You can download each of the photos in various resolutions according to your need.


8. Mobile Wallpapers

This is a site for mobile phone users. You can create your custom wallpapers, themes and do many other things in this site. You can browse through the wallpapers that other users have created or from the gallery download the wallpaper that you want.


9. Beaches Wallpapers

This site contains hundreds and thousands of wallpapers to choose from. All the wallpapers are grouped under various categories so that finding cool wallpaper that reflects your taste is not a problem.


10. Cool Valentine Wallpapers

In this site you can find cool valentine wallpapers and many others like holidays, water scene, nature, animals and many more. All the wallpapers are of best quality and you can also find slide show wallpapers in this site.


11. Movies Wallpapers

To the right hand side of this site you can see more wallpaper categories to download from. You can easily download best of the best wallpapers in all resolutions from this site.


12. Aircraft Wallpapers

Download cool civil aircraft and admire the elegance of the flying machines in action. Find more wallpaper in various categories in this site.


13. Cartoon Wallpapers

Find funny cartoon characters wallpapers and many other cool animation wallpapers in this site.


14. Anime Wallpapers

Collection of free Anime and Mange wallpapers



15. Sci-Fi Wallpapers

Special collection Wallpapers form Sci-Fi movies which goes were well on your desktop. There are many other types of wallpaper placed under other categories.


16. Space Wallpapers

Display the vastness of the space on your desktop with these cool special space wallpapers.


17. Blue Sunset

Find many more stunning types of wallpaper in this site. When downloading wallpaper you can also select the resolution to fit in your monitor correctly.


18. USA Patriotic

Find free Patriotic animated and stationary wallpapers in this site. Download these nice wallpapers and be proud to be American.


19. Male Celebs Wallpapers

Catch stylish male celebrity’s wallpapers on your desktop more to find in this site are cool cars, computers, sports and many more.


20. Places Wallpapers

Grab the wallpapers of famous tourist locations and major cities around the world in this site.


21. Gadget wallpapers

Tempting latest gadgets will be a nice inspiration on your desktop so grab one and place it on your desktop from this site. You can also order wallpapers for interiors and fashion in this site.


22. Windows Wallpapers

Find nice cool Windows vista wallpapers in this site and also wallpapers of many other categories like animals, ships, Emo, etc., in this site.


23. 3D Wallpapers

3D wallpapers do look great and brings life to your screen. Check out more 3D and animated wallpapers in this site.


24. Flower Fantasy

Get an instant smile on your face by seeing these cool flower wallpapers on your desktop. Explore the site to find more for yourself.


25. Humor Wallpapers

These funny wallpapers are sure to make you laugh loud. If you have a tight schedule or a busy life then you should consider using these wallpapers.


26. Background Wallpapers

Many fine paintings wallpapers looks real classic on your desktop. There are many other types of wallpaper in this site.


27. Macro Photography

Taking photos of small objects like insects requires lot of skills but these photos can be really cool wallpapers on desktop. Try these cool wallpapers and see the insects crawl all over the flowers.


28. Trick Photography

Wallpapers of awesome incidents of the nature captured by professional photographers. You can admire the skill of the person who has brought you these amazing wallpapers.


29. TV Wallpapers

Catch wallpapers from famous TV series and action shows hosted on your favorite TV channels.



30. Bike Wallpapers

Cool bike with awesome details are sure to pump up your adrenalin. All the bikes are categorized according the company check out the full gallery to be surprised by the collection.


31. Cool Car on Desktop

Catch out the latest and super sports cars on your desktop and show off your desire towards these awesome machines. Check out more cars by the make and model in this site.


32. HD Cars on Screen

Huge collection of sleek and sexy cars wallpapers to pamper your screen with life. There are over 11,000 high definition cars wallpapers in this site.


33. Disney characters

This site has special collection of Walt Disney characters which are sure to bring back your childhood memories.


34. Scenic Gallery

Watch the magnificent beauty of the nature through your desktop. There are many other natural scenic types of wallpaper in this site.


35. Advertising Wallpapers

Ad films have some breath taking graphics and beautiful model catch all of them in this site.


36. Military Aircraft Pictures

Catch the Military Aircrafts in action in this site there are pictures of Fighters, bombers, helicopters and many other military planes. You can download the pictures in various resolutions.


37. Landscape Images

View the breath taking landscapes in high definition images. There are also 3D, nature and animation images in this site.


38. Baby Wallpapers

Cute little babies setting on your desktop monitor will be really cute and brings a smile on your face automatically. If you want a smile always on your lips then set these cute wallpapers as your background.


39. Under Water Images

Bring up the colorful under water life on to your monitor with these cool wallpapers.


40. Game Wallpapers

Catch exiting movements from your favorite PC games and apply them as your desktop wallpapers in this site.


41. Illustrations

Give your eyes some work and strain your brain a bit to crack the characters in these pictures. They make good wallpapers for sure.


42. Free Wallpapers

Check out hundreds of high quality wallpapers which are available in different resolution in this site.


43. Scenic Images

Nature is full of surprises then get ready to be surprised in this site.


44. Calendar Wallpapers

Get the cool calendar wallpapers on your system you can find many wallpapers for a single month in this site.


45. Inspirational Wallpapers

Find true inspiring wallpapers in this site the best part of this site is you can mail these wallpapers to your friends directly and also find the HTML code to embed in your website.


46. Cats on your Desktop

Cute little kittens to ferocious tigers and lions a complete set of cat families wallpapers at one place.


47. Butterfly Wallpapers

Butterfly are the most vibrant and colorful creatures on this planet. Check out hundreds of varieties of butterflies and enjoy their magnificent colors in original high quality photos.


48. Famous People

Great legends and famous people will no doubt inspire anyone and will be great on your desktop.


49. Zodiac Wallpapers

Get your Zodiac Display bright on your desktop with these high resolution Zodiac Wallpapers. You can find themes and screensavers also in this site.


50. Birds Wallpapers


Check out the tiny little birds sitting on your desktop. You can find wallpapers of different resolutions and also for widescreen monitors.

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