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E-Commerce is a very significant aspect of today’s web development and most importantly a crucial part of our life as e-shops has changed the way how we shop and spend our earnings. Sensing the ever-increasing grandeur of E-Commerce, we will celebrate 1st E-Commerce Week on 1stwebdesigner, this week. There will be tutorials, inspirational articles and everything else you need to learn before building and running successfully your own e-commerce store.

In 1st E-Commerce Week, we will publish 5 articles focused on building e-commerce websites. Below are the titles and short intros of the articles:

Tuesday: A Crash Course in Creating E-Commerce Websites with WordPress

In the 1st article of 1st E-Commerce week, we will learn how to create a website which has online store’s functionalities in it using the awesome publishing platform, WordPress. In simple words we will create a fully functional electronic store. There will be also a discussion on how to build e-commerce ready WordPress themes from a developer’s point of view.

Wednesday: A Beginner’s Guide to PrestaShop – The Open-Source e-Commerce CMS

In this 2nd article of 1st E-Commerce week, we will introduce you the key-features of PrestaShop, one of the most used open-source e-Commerce shopping-cart solutions out there, which is free to use and with a big community of almost 50000 community members.

Thursday: Choosing Right Modules For Your E-Commerce Type Website

In this 3rd article of 1st E-Commerce week, we will discuss different e-commerce solutions available for building e-commerce websites. We will talk about open source shopping cart solutions, the paid ones and e-commerce modules for famous open source CMS like Drupal and Joomla.

Friday: Excellent Shopping Cart Designs: Showcase and Best Practices

In the 4th and second last article of 1st E-Commerce week, we will do an extensive review of 35 shopping cart designs and the best Practices for Shopping Cart Optimization. We will take a look on shopping cart designs of famous e-stores.

Saturday: 35 Insanely Cool Magento Themes for your Online Store

In the last article of 1st E-Commerce Week, we will showcase 35 insanely cool free and premium Magento themes which you should give a try for sure.

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