100 Delightful and Pleasing Color Palettes and Swatches

Colors are one of the most valuable things in everybody’s life , wherever you go you will find yourself surrounded in combination of different colors and shades. Colors can have huge impact on someone’s mood and nerves; it can evoke you feelings and emotions. Same as colors, color palettes also play an important role in everyone’s life because if the color combination is not good enough to delight people then there is no use of colors, so it is important that you take advantage of color palettes and chose best and suitable color combination for your projects. Today we have collected 100 Delightful and Pleasing Color Palettes making it easy for you to get an idea of the color combination you need.

1. 200fruits of passion

200fruits of passion

2. A Dream in Color

A Dream in Color

3. Adrift in Dreams

Adrift in Dreams

4. Arabic Taste of Life

Arabic Taste of Life

5. Cheer up emo kid

cheer up emo kid

6. Chocolate Creams

Chocolate Creams

7. Clairedelune


8. (◕〝◕)


9. Color Swatches


10. Complementary Colour Swatches


11. Complementary Color SwatchesII


12. Conspicuous Creep

Conspicuous Creep

13. Curiosity Killed

Curiosity Killed

14. Deep Skyblues


15. Devastating loss

devastating loss

16. Dig My Olive Branch

Dig My Olive Branch

17. Dream magnet

dream magnet

18. Entrapped InAPalette

Entrapped InAPalette

19. Free Hugs

Free Hugs

20. Fresh cut day

fresh cut day

21. Funny Like the Moon

Funny Like the Moon

22. Gemtone sea & shore

gemtone sea & shore

23. Gentle Waves

Gentle Waves

24. Giant Goldfish

Giant Goldfish

25. Good Friends

Good Friends

26. Green and Blue swatch set


27. 28X Dusty Petrol

28x dusty

28. Pistachio


29. Salamander


30. Dolores


31. Oddend


32. Orange on gray

orange on gray

33. Orange on olive

orange on olive

34. Neutral Blue

neutral blue

35. Granny Smith Apple

granny smith

36. Cherry Cheesecake

cheery cheescake

37. Tech Office

tech office

38. Bordeaux


39. Garden Swimming Pool

garden swiming pool

40. Herbs and spices

herbs and spices

41. Watermelon


42. 1944Mustang


43. Japanese Garden

Japanese garden

44. Hymn For My Soul

Hymn for my soul

45. I demand a pancake

i demand a pancake

46. Inside this moment

inside this moment

47. Japanese Bath

Japanese Bath

48. Japanese Art

Japanese Art

49. Let them eat cake

let them eat cake

50. Love Flowers

Love Flowers

51. Lucky bubble gum

lucky bubble gum

52. Maddening Caravan

Maddening Caravan

53. maybe i’m colorblind

maybe i'm colorblind

54. Ocean Five

Ocean Five

55. Pineapples


56. Pluck of

pluck off

57. PollockPollock


58. Praise Certain Frogs

Praise Certain Frogs

59. PS Color Swatches 1


60. Rosewood


61. Serenity is . . .

Serenity is . . .

62. She Is French, Yes?

She Is French, Yes

63. Skin Palettes V.3


64. smoked ~ she choked

smoked ~ she choked

65. Some starry night

some starry night

66. Still be friends?

still be friends

67. Storming Psychedelia

Storming Psychedelia

68. Strawberry Mousse

Strawberry Mousse

69. t r a n c e

t r a n c e

70. Tech light

tech light

71. Terra?


72. The Firebird

The Firebird

73. The First Raindrop

The First Raindrop

74. Thought Provoking

thought provoking

75. Thumbelina


76. Very


77. Vintage Modern

Vintage Modern

78. w o r d l e s s

w o r d l e s s .

79. You are beautiful

you are beautiful

80. You will be free

you will be free

81. Mellon ball surprise

mellon ball surprise

82. Newly Risen Moon

Newly Risen Moon

83. Summer Fun

summer fun

84. Life in the 50’s

life in the 50s

85. The Sweet Life

the sweet life

86. Red and smooth

red and smooth

87. Firenze


88. Aspirin C

aspirin c

89. Circus III

circus III

90. Haiti Relief


91. Sea Wolf

sea wolf

92. Quiet Cry

quite cry

93. Zen and Tea

zen and tea

94. Feel


95. Stained glass light

Stained glass light

96. Japanese girl

japanese girl

97. Nebula


98. Across the mirror

across the mirror

99. Lingonberry Jazz

Lingonberry Jazz

100. Jam


Which is your favorite? Tell us in comments 🙂

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