Did I ask for any numbers or "statistics" (which are inaccurate anyway) ?

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A.J. Mojo: Killers will kill, with or without a gun. Ban one thing and they'll use something else.

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A.J. Mojo:
in my mind its the stabbings in london… its way out of control , its getting to be like the wild west .. one day very soon the authorities are going to have to do something to get things back under control.. The reintroduction of stop and search should be implemented ASAP targeting the racial groups from which the victims are coming from.. whether they the do gooders in society like it or not.
usa shootings when gun possession and usage can and should be controlled and shootings so often seem random and not related to gripe or belief that prompted, let alone the numbers involved.
Look at the numbers and you'll have your answer. 30,000 gun deaths each year in the USA.
David 420™:
I don't know, but America's homicide rate is higher than Britain's.
London's murder rate only exceeded New York's in one month at the beginning of the year and New York is now one of the safer major cities in the US.
Jimmy C:
The US loses 30,000 people a year to shootings, so I would prefer to take my chances in London, where they only use knives, and the killers in London are african muslims who belong to gangs. There was never much of a problem until the muslim migrants got there.
The US has always had a problem because of the gun culture and the way violence is glorified on television and in video games. Americna television and movies are very violent. Children watch and learn.
compare 100 gun deaths to the few stabbings
I would have thought that you could see that answer

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