employees spend more time at work than home, is this behaviour creeping into society, especially younger generation

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Gerald: well I saw the performance at the select committee where he was grilled about his sale of BHS to a known bankrupt for a pound retaining half a billion pounds pension money of 16,000 employees which by the way is legal in capitalism and Jacob Rees Mogg was on that committee he was staring at this fat Amoeba not knowing what to make of him, Green looked at him and said like a thug in the street and said what are you staring at and Mogg looked away all embarrassed it says it all doesn't it he was on trial in a club in Manchester he would have had his head knocked off so you can see in his own little circle he is a tyrant

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If it was all so innocent why would he need a gagging order?
Jack H:
Always the staff…
No Green, he's lying and I hope they crucify him.
Sonny Sydup:
Isn't it funny; the word itself.
Looks like some can be as nasty and scuzzy as they can…and when they're pulled up, they can just mumble 'It's banter, and it they can't take it…'
Of course, it means 'the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks' (if there are some who don't know), but having a way with words – and being attractive with what I'd call 'banter'…but as the internet has got a bit more snarly…and people with money (like Green) has took it upon themselves to mouth off, this – er…'banter' has become coarse, rude or insulting, with people making the mistake of being a tosspot for being the 'shine of the room'. I've noticed (in the UK) even the tabloids thinking the latter nonsensical 'banter' is indeed banter, and if people 'can't take it, then they should go home and watch telly'. Those days are slowly erasing, with the staff being believed, as they know the difference between banter – and abuse.
catrin l:
The staff. Green is in a position of power, he should watch what he says.

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