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Thomas Price: 10 years ago under my other account I was a top contributor on the Answers category. This was when members asked genuine questions about the site and I tried to answer them.
Eventually I drifted onto the Troll ridden CE and have stayed. In the days of community voting members was kind enough to put me high on the top 10 boards for which I am grateful.

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Thomas Price:
By habit, I suppose.
Kiron Kang:
Initially to ask how to get my Ubisufer Microsoft software to "connect to the internet". And stop becoming disconnected every few seconds.
Sir Prince Kenny:
I started using the Current Events category, to humiliate harrison, and his little "Man" friend. So far, so good!
Green Brick:
Got fed up of Politics or Social Science….
blue sky:
Someone said..have you heard about that prat called Nathan on Current Events
Boney Boy Bailey:
I came on the site originally because it came up a lot in search results, I don't think I ever went to one category in particular although I might have something to say that is in the news, then I don't go in the women's health category very often because I don't have a clue on that matter. I think I do other categories as much as current events.

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