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HypeRayy: Ligma ballz

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fake news created by an obese yank loner with personal hygiene issues and never leaves its bedroom
It is the Greek letter 'L'.
Jack H:
It's some idle buggers excuse for sitting at a monitor playing games instead of working apparently, a wimp who calls itself *ninja*… ninny more like, should be forced to work for a living……
Mr. Smartypants:
I was going to make up something funny. But I googled it, and what I read was even funnier.

LIGMA is part of the BOFA spectrum of conditions. LIGMA (Loose Internal Gene Mi-Asintits) is the second stage of BOFA (Biologically Offset Farkwonian Asintits).

I don't but my grandson keeps bringing it up in conversation with me. I don't understand what it is and I don't pretend to- I let him enjoy his pranks on me for the time being because he has a degenerative bone disease and is not projected to live more than another few years. I love him to pieces and just want him to be happy even at my expense.

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