April Fools Day – Don’t Get Fooled!

Title-april-fools-dayApril, april! I tried to trick my colleague, then few of my friends and I understood I am too honest person to try to evil trick somebody! Only thing I tried on Twitter was –  to tell everybody I will give up on this site and put it on sale on Flippa.com –seeing my daily passion of course none believed me! I guess even on April 1 I cannot trick you and give up! We will work even harder to bring quality – don’t worry!

Okay, but this quick article will be about telling you what happened over the Internet world, what tricks creative minds tried to do to fool us! It will be fun and watch out –  whole community is buzzing and trying to fool you!


Deviantart went crazy this day with “Twilight-ed” vampire jokes, Lady Gaga dominating in funny animated avatars. You shall not have your own avatar today, watch out – signatures will fool you today as well!

Just read those signature comments! My top ones, just something to get some smiles:

“I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me :drool:

“Vampires don’t count as people. :tombstone:

“I want your psycho :stab: , your vertical stick.”


A different kind of company name for Google – Topeka

Looks like Google has been given up to its current branding and will start with clean company name – Topeka! I am sure it will work better as current one! ;D

Okay, I did some research and looks like all good stuff already has been found, but still I wanted to greet you here and get news on this blog as well!

But still shortly about other interesting jokes:

TEXTp saves YouTube bandwidth, money

Read about great Youtube idea, they will try to save bandwidth using Textp Matrix mode in their videos!


Introducing wave notifications for Google Wave

We will also get new Google Wave feature – advanced notifications! :

iCade – iPad Arcade Cabinet

We have also new suggestion how to use iPad more effectively!


Reddit Has Gone Crazy! Be admin today!

Yes, that’s right, turn Admin feature on and manage Reddit site! You must be logged in to do it though!


Also read their main page – not very fool proof right now!


Introducing Translate for Animals (beta)

New app designed in April Fools day!


Watch this video to see new and great app in action!!:

Read more here:

Share your best jokes and sites you’ve found today!

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